How to measure
1. Use a steel tape measure
2. Take your measurements in millimeters (mm)
3. Take the Width first, then the Drop
4. Take the exact measurement, do not round them up
5. Do not make any deductions or allowances Factory will make all necessary deductions on inside mounts. No deductions will be made on outside mounts
6. Check your measurements three times to avoid any errors before placing the order
7. Use the smallest measurement for your order
8. Take care to allow a generous overlap to prevent anyone being able to see in from outside.
9. Please take care to allow for any obstructions e.g. wall mounted light fittings etc.
10. Check your window or sliding door opening before making your selection.
INSIDE MOUNT (or Recess) Blind - The Blinds are to be installed on the inside of the window frame or window opening and covers the window opening exactly. Measure depth of recess to ensure that the blind has adequate room to operate-roll up and draw, allowing for any door or window handles. (ALLOW A CLEAR 50~70 mm)
OUTSIDE MOUNT (or Face Fix) Blind - The Blinds are to be installed outside the window frame (on the architrave) and covers an area lager than the window itself.
The Vertical blind should be installed into the recess as far as possible, while still allowing sufficient clearance for the slats to rotate freely.

There are 3 types of blades (89, 100 & 127 mm)
measure the track and mark on the face or architrave of the window where to attach the brackets, check the drop (length) of the Vertical blind and mark the height on the wall or architrave
  • 1) Check to see what side the control is on before proceeding.
  • 2) Hold track up to the brackets ensuring front edge lip of the track engages into the lip of the bracket, twist up and backwards to snap the track onto the bracket.
  • 3) Longer tracks will require you to snap each bracket in turn.
  • 1) With the track in a stacked position, ensure the slat carrier hooks are in an open position.
  • 2) This makes it easier to attach slats.
  • 3) Lay your slats over your shoulder.
  • 4) Taking one at a time in turn push each slat into its hook. You should feel it click into position.
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